Providing Precision CNC Turning Services

At Precision Machine of Manitowoc, LLC, we have modern CNC turning equipment designed to produce high quantities of perfectly turned parts. Our quality control department and skilled staff ensure that there is less than a .0005 tolerance margin. Whether you need a simple part or something complex and one-of-a-kind, at Precision Machine we are up for the challenge! Since 1994 we have been providing our customers with high quality parts that not only meet, but exceed their expectations. Our depth of knowledge, professionalism, and skill makes us stand out above our competitors; while at the same time providing quality parts at an attractive price.

Our High Performance Turning Equipment Includes:

  • Puma 350B CNC Lathe, 22″ turn diameter X 41″ between centers
  • Detroit CNC VTL, 30″ turn diameter X 20″ long
  • (2) Okuma Cadet LNC-8BB Lathes, 9.8 turn Diameter X 19.6 long, 2.56 through draw tube
  • Okuma LB-25 CNC Lathe, 16.0 turn diameter X 25.5 long, 4.1 through draw tube
  • HES 24-NCS-D Lathe, 24″ turn diameter X 120″ between centers
  • From materials ranging in soft plastics and wood, to the toughest of steel and heat-treated alloys, at Precision Machine we can work with any size material up to 65RC in hardness.