Repairing Parts & Fabricating Replacement Parts for Hamacheck Food Processing Equipment

At Precision Machine, we know a great quality machine when we see one. The Frank Hamacheck Corn Husker is one of those machines that performs well, and is built to last. At Precision Machine of Manitowoc, LLC, we have all the equipment and experience necessary to make the parts for the high-quality Hamacheck corn husker machine , so you don’t have to worry about giving up on your favorite piece of equipment, or the cost of replacing it entirely.

We also handle replacement parts for the oscillating conveyors, eccentrics, connecting rods, shaker hanger arms, and drive shafts.

Precision Machine… Where Old Becomes New

At Precision Machine, we have reverse engineering ability which allows us to rebuild, repair, or recreate an exact match to your old part, whether from a Hamacheck machine or something completely different. You can bring any part to us, large or small, and we can take care of all the details for you with professionalism, accuracy, and excellence.

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