At  Precision Machine of Manitowoc we have the experience needed to offer you additional design service that fits to our manufacture capability.

With our collaboration working and manufacturing with design company we can offer our client a verity of solutions according to there requirements .


Dedicated to developing we can offer design solution based need such as:

High precision – Design and manufacturing with emphasizing on high tolerance.

Design for long lasting – Design the new pats with an emphasis on durability over a long period of time.

Cost reduction – Redesign based on the same working concept but with different manufacturing tech.

Quick Patch “Turn off fires” – we can provide our customers design and parts that provide a temporary fix in order to keep the work flowing in crucial times.

“Idiot prof design” – One of the biggest problems today is to make sure your parts will be easy to manufacture or to assemble to reduce time consuming and cost. By emphasis and investing our time perfecting the design we can give our customers a Peace of Mind.


We provide our clients with a competitive edge in their business based on there definition (the key factor is that the customer know what he wants) .

In the comparative marketplace it is intelligent design that fits our customers definition that can competitively differentiate one product or service from another.

Our experience and knowledge assures our customers satisfaction.


Watch our projects and contact us if you have any inquiries.